Mazy Path Turkey Red, Ochre Print

$ 200.00

Turkey Red pays tribute to Turkey Red wheat, a hearty grain variety brought to Kansas by Mennonite immigrants from Crimea in the late nineteenth century. Turkey Red is a heritage grain, meaning that its seeds pre-date modern agro-industrial breeding and hybridization practices and are inherently robust and pest resistant. With a composition inspired by Delft florals, Turkey Red depicts wheat stalks along with sprigs of Common Vetch, Red Clover, Soybeans and Field Peas. These companion crops improve soil health, slow erosion, repel pests, control weeds and invite pollinators such as Monarch, Zebra Longtail and Karcher butterflies. 

Made with water-based inks and Japanese mulberry paper, Turkey Red is a limited edition relief print that is printed by hand in New York City. The subtle variations that result from hand printing make each print one of a kind.

Imperfections, such as uneven ink coverage and slight waves in the paper ground, are inherent to block printing and are part of its beauty.

  • Dimensions:   16” x 23”
  • Artwork comes unframed and packaged in a rigid mailer to prevent damage during transit.
  • All sales are final.

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