Mazy Path Sambucus Canadensis Green Print

$ 250.00

Sambucus canadensis, commonly known as the elderberry, is a native shrub that grows east of the Rocky Mountains and is known for its healing properties. Traditional herbal remedies incorporate the elderberry to cure a variety of ailments, ranging from colds to toothaches. Sambucus Canadensis, features the elderberry’s distinctive characteristics: lacy flowers, inky berries, and delicately toothed leaves. The print also highlights creatures that elderberries attract, such as warblers and summer azure butterflies, and where elderberries tend to grow: meadows and woodlands.

Made with water-based printing inks, watercolors, and heavy printing paper, Sambucus Canadensis is a limited edition, linocut print that is printed by hand in New York City. The subtle variations that result from hand printing make each print one of a kind.

Imperfections, such as uneven ink coverage and slight waves in the paper ground, are inherent to block printing and are part of its beauty. 

  • Dimensions:   10.5” x 14”
  • Artwork comes unframed and packaged in a rigid mailer to prevent damage during transit.
  • All sales are final.

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