Kelly Bedford and Melanie Mount met while working at Pottery Barn in San Francisco, California. With over twenty years of merchandising, marketing, and product development experience at major home furnishings brands, including Restoration Hardware and Ralph Lauren, these former executives have come to understand the importance of a beautiful home and the belief that interiors matter.

With an interior designer for a mother, Kelly spent her childhood summers flipping through fabric wings at the Pacific Design Center, visiting small furniture and window workrooms all over Los Angeles and meeting clients on job sites. Her experience over the last twenty years as a retail merchandising executive, while also building and remodeling three houses in Marin County, has further developed her expertise. Over time, it became apparent to Kelly that the process of sourcing quality custom home furnishings and window treatments was too complex for the typical homeowner, and the standard retail offering lacked the exquisite fabric, timeless design and decorative details she desired.

Melanie’s childhood - spent with her father in his furniture workshop and her free spirited artistic mother - was greatly influenced by color and creative energy. From an early age, she loved houses; visiting friends she would often be as interested in the décor of their home as the activity that had been planned for that day. This passion for homes led her directly to her first job out of college, working in New York for Ralph Lauren Home.  It was there that the course was set for her career as a home furnishings retail executive. After moving to California twenty years ago to join Pottery Barn, her experience remodeling a home taught her that what should be simple was often very complicated and required extensive project management skills. 

Willrich graduated from the University of Southern California and Mount from the University of Vermont. The joining of their east and west coast sensibilities combined with their vast global travel experience brings a very specific point of view to Well Made Home. They believe that traditional home furnishings can endure for a lifetime when built to the highest standard of quality, with gorgeous fabric and impeccable attention to detail. 

Together, Kelly and Melanie are on a mission to bridge the gap between mass retailers and the exclusive world of interior design, allowing you to create products for your home that are personal, meaningful and timeless.

Here’s to a happy, well made home!