Ferrick Mason

Painterly, fresh, and utterly distinctive, Ferrick Mason textiles have been coveted by world-renowned designers and their clients since they first debuted in 2008. Trained at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, fine artist Alex Mason created each of Ferrick Mason’s popular patterns and colorways by drawing straight from her work in the painting studio, and incorporating the instinct for color and love of naturally-inspired, organic forms that informs her canvases. The result is a fabric line that is both delicate and bold, youthful and classic, of-the-minute and rendered by hand, with graphic, abstract repeats and references to the sinuous flora and fauna that inspire Alex’s art. Ferrick Mason textiles lend themselves to a variety of applications, from the traditional to the unabashedly modern, but always achieve a transformative and special effect when used in fine interiors.

Alex’s partnership with Brian Ferrick, whose long experience in the world of textiles ensures that the company has always been grounded in best practices and a deep understanding of the marketplace, represents a merging of East Coast and Southern sensibilities, as well as a shared obsession with quality and an eye for the current. All of the company’s fabrics are printed in the U.S. on 100% linen or cotton, and Ferrick and Mason have expanded their printing methods since the line’s launch to include hand silk screening, rotary printing and digital printing, which has enabled them to better capture the transitions and gradations in Alex’s ink and gouache artworks. Since its inception, Ferrick Mason has garnered press mentions in virtually every design publication and blog of repute, including World of Interiors, Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Town and Country and British Homes and Gardens. The firm’s textiles have graced numerous designer show houses around the country, and Traditional Home magazine named Ferrick Mason as one of the companies that is “shaping our generation.”

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